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Two and a half men Indian cast

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Two and a Half men is one of the sitcoms which changed its protagonist mid-series and still was successful afterwards. The series had all the aspects to make a successful sitcom. There were different beautiful women in almost every 2 episodes of the serie. Charlie Sheen practically played himself in the serie and the of course did an amazing job. His comic timing was second to none. The character is shrewd in almost all the conventional ways but shows care in the ways he can. Jon Cryer plays the mentally depressed younger brother of Charlie Harper, Alan Harper. He acted his part perfectly and did an amazing job portraying a depressed yet emotionally sensible but awkward person. The “half” men played by Angus Jones defined his career as his major part of his life was Two and A Half men. The serie had other characters but the story majorly revolves around these three characters. So let’s see who would play whom if this serie was made in India. 

  1. Berta

Berta is the hysterical maid of Charlie who is super shrewd but humorous as well. She is so savage that almost everybody in the serie is afraid of her. The character of Berta can be played by Mallika Dua. She is super funny and also pure savage. I can see no one better than her to play the role of Berta. 

  1. Evelyn Harper

Like almost all the major characters of the serie, Evelyn Harper who plays the mother of Charlie and Alan is also pure savage. She is totally ignorant of everybody’s feelings around her and is also mean. She gets away with it. Guess why? Well, of course, it is a sitcom, everybody gets away with being mean cause well, it is funny, I guess. 

A perfect match for this role would be Rekha. Well, I need not explain my choice because she can pull anything off with her vast experience of acting and also her personality kind of suits the character. 

  1. Jake Harper

Jake was very small when the serie starts but is funny in his own way. If only Tanmay started acting when he was this small, I would’ve cast him immediately. Considering the fact that this is hypothetical anyway, a young Tanmay Bhatt would be perfect for this role of Jake Harper. He is too “kamedi”. I know he is not as cute as Jake but we can add some photoshop and edit out the extra fat anytime. You don’t believe me?, ask the Kardashians! 

  1. Judith Harper

Judith is the wife of Alan Harper who like all the characters of the serie sucks the blood out of Alan and makes his life difficult. She and Alan separate in the first episode of the serie which leads to him and Jake living with Charlie. Judith does not have a major role in the serie but almost everybody hates her. She is the Cersei Lannister of Two and a Half men, ruthless as hell. I was confused between a couple of people who can play this character but I decided to go with Ileana D’Cruz because of the facial resemblances between them.

  1. Alan Harper

There is no character I feel worse for than Alan Harper in the whole history of sitcoms. He is a hard-working chiropractor who is trying to figure out his dating life along with having a kid and also a wife who takes all his money in alimony. The person best suited to this personality would be Abhay Deol because let’s face it, he did show us all in Dev D how miserable he can be and the facial resemblances can also not be missed. 

  1. Walden Schmidt 

Ashton Kutcher was the replacement of Charlie Sheen as the protagonist of the show and he is the perfect embodiment of Tony Stark. I.e. Genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. He is as flawless as Charlie in picking up women but is basically a thirty-year-old child. Considering his personality, Ranveer Singh is the actor who would be perfect for this role. Because we all know how flawless he is in his showmanship. 

  1. Charlie Sheen

I was very confused about the casting of this role but I came to a conclusion at last. The people considered for this role were Hrithik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar. Ranbir Kapoor seemed too young to play the part of Charlie and Hrithik is literally too hot. So we go with Farhan Akhtar who is a little older than the other two and also resembles Charlie Sheen. He can play this part perfectly. 

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