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The one where they reunite!

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Reunion

Well, they were indeed on a break, until now. The Reunion finally happened and OH MY GOD was it worth it! Could it have been any better? There are going to be many references to the show’s dialogues throughout this blog and I want you guys to comment on how many of them can you spot. I will try and keep it subtle. 

It’s been 17 years since the 6 of them were all back together on the same set and boy did it feel like they never left. The reunion was long overdue and the fans couldn’t hold it in when they heard the announcement of the episode and some even cried just hearing about it. (I guess that was just me). 

The general flow:

The episode starts with the cast entering the set where the reunion was shot and they all were very emotional. As and when the cast starts entering, the flow of the episode comes into a natural flow. It seems and I believe that the conversations were not at all scripted because it all seemed extremely normal yet so enchanting for all the fans. The episode advances and they show the scenes from different iconic locations of the show like the fountain where the theme song was shot, the apartment of Monica and Rachel, and the apartment of Joey and Chandler. Could the places be any more awesome? They also recreated the legendary quiz which lost Monica and Rachel their apartment. The episode is partly hosted by James Corden. 

Iconic parts:

Most of the iconic parts were where the 6 of them are reminiscing about the memories when they were shooting the show and how they all became a family and a group of people so close-knit. And and and, is it just me or is it the cutest that they did a group huddle for almost all the episodes they shot and for the one episode that they did not one of them got badly injured. It was Matt le Blanc, his shoulder came out of the socket in the episode that they did not do a group huddle. Could they be any more naive? You are probably wondering who would change something like that, right? I KNOW!!! Moving on, they share many many moments from their lives on the set that we had no idea about. Ross and Rachel… I mean David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston finally opened about their relationship in real life. They opened up about how they had a major crush on each other!! Nooooooo!!! But yes it is true but it is also true that they never hooked up or never were in a relationship because either of them was always in a relationship! They just could not catch a break! Ironic, isn’t it? But for me, the most iconic thing was that there were parts that they did not care about the camera or whether or not are they saying something that will please the audience, they were just in the moment. They actually were 6 friends who had met each other for so so many years. The amazing part was that all of them felt as though they still were a family and still as close as ever. 

Also, can you believe that the gang or at least the girls had all their lunches together throughout the years, even on weekends? Damn, they were so close. 

Trivia: Did you know that Matthew Perry was the only cast member who was allowed to sit during the script because he was so funny that he actually added his own jokes to the scripts. Could he be any more Chandler?

Guest appearances: 

They did not want to leave any stones unturned and well they succeeded for the most part of it. Almost all the characters of the show who were even a little mainstream appeared on the show but let’s face it, Mr Heckles stole the show and that was because it was hard to believe that he was even alive. But other than that, many global icons spoke about the impact that FRIENDS had on their lives and how much they love the show. Some of the stars included Kit Harrington(Jon Snow), Reese Witherspoon, Malala Yousafzai, David Beckham(Is he the hottest person alive or what) and many more. I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you.  

People from all over the world were also interviewed and they shared their views on how FRIENDS played a big role in their lives and for some, how it even saved their lives. 

Things that disappointed us:

The recreated quiz fell short of any expectations that we had of it. The quiz kind of ends before it even starts and the ladies are announced as the winners for no apparent reason. There were many characters whom we wanted to see on screen such as, “The ugly naked guy”, Julia Roberts and many more people who had cameos on the show who all made the show even more awesome. There is one more thing that we did not want at all; for the show to end. That was the most disappointing and emotional moment of the episode. When they all bid farewell and said the things that they loved about each other and the show, everybody’s heart welled up and everybody had goosebumps.

Overall, The Reunion was everything that we had hoped for and I did not give you a whole spill not to ruin it for you. But we do learn one thing from it, that they were indeed there for each other and they still are. 

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