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Secluded Getaways During the Pandemic.

Chembra Lake

If you are looking for a place to be for one day or a short weekend trip, this the place for you to be. Chembra lake is the perfect place for a short trek and a scenic beauty destination for a quick getaway. The lake is heart-shaped and well it does tell you something about it. The place is very well maintained and clean and a perfect place to be one with nature. 


Want to embark on a journey of finding yourself or reconnecting yourself with your loved one or your family? This is your place. Bujanbari does not have anything extraordinary but is a place of scenic beauty and resorts which are meant for pleasure and relaxing. The whole purpose of this place is to be one with your own self. It is up to you if you want to just kick back and relax in the resorts or in tents in the mountains and near the stream or you want to hike through the beauty of Bijanbari. It is not a mainstream place but that is a part of it that makes it so great. 


Wow. There are no more words that can describe this place. It is 80 kilometres away from Rishikesh and is on the banks of the river Alaknanda. It has a divine water rafting experience with the water being clearer than crystal. Jayalgarh has tent facilities along the river bank which is a divine experience. The voice of water and the clear sky, away from the city lights makes you feel one with nature. The 25 kilometres long water rafting starts in the river Alaknanda and ends when you enter Ganga through Devpreayag while you are in one of the rivers which make Ganga. The 24 kilometres of hard work pays off when you see yourself merging with Bhagirathi and make Ganga. They let you dive into the river in Devprayag. It is one of the most divine experiences ever. Activities like cliff jumping into the water and floating in the water just makes you feel more alive than ever. 

River Alaknanda flowing through the valleys beside the tents in Jayalgarh


Meghalaya is the hidden gem of India and Laitmawslang is a hidden gem of Meghalaya.  It is a place that has centuries-old tribes and caves with the engravings of the tribes that had lived there way back. The caves are secluded and the sunlight barely penetrates the thick forest and the cave but when it does, it changes the whole face of the cave. The garden caves had access to the underground water which had many medicinal purposes. Say what? I feel like I am in Pirates of the Caribbean. 

The closest domestic airport happens to be in Shillong, which is 52 km away from Laitmawsiang. Many tourists prefer travelling by train, and the nearest railway station is in Guwahati, which is 145 km away from this spot. 


Like doing everything but in peace? Then this is the best place for you to be. Be it a romantic trip or a solo “me” time trip, this place is a perfect match. 

The scenic routes of the forests are just breathtaking and the majestic elephants of Kerala are just a wonder to watch. The Kulamavu dam is just breathtaking beauty and a place where one feels like a part of something bigger and something divine. It is indeed magic. It also has treks and hikes to the Keezharkuthu waterfalls which is a journey worth taking with your friends or alone. 

The famous Keezharkuthu waterfalls a.k.a The Rainbow Waterfalls.