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Best actors of all time(20-10)

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Best Bollywood Actors of all time

And we are back. Today we will check out the actors which made the 11-20 cut. There were many major upsets while I was making this but I am pretty sure I did justice to all of them. 

20. Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar was a gem and a God’s Gift to Bollywood. He could sing and direct and produce and best of all, act and sing together. Kishore Kumar’s life was not a good one in terms of personal happiness but it was quite the contrary on screen. With gem of movies like Chalti ka Naam Gaadi and Padosan, he brought a lot of realness to the cinema. Kishore Kumar was so successful at a time that he made a film for the purpose of it to flop so that he can show losses and pay fewer taxes. That film turned out to be a hit and he ended up giving the rights of the film to his assistant at the time. Chalti ka Naam Gaadi was the film. Acting and singing just came naturally to him. 

19. Dev Anand

Dev Anand brought a certain style to the film industry. His career spanned for over 6 decades. He was one of the most graceful actors to ever have worked in Bollywood. He appeared in numerous films in his time and just won people over with his charm. At that time, he even appeared in a Hollywood movie called Evil Within. Very few people had the impact he had over Bollywood and cinema all over as he did. 

18. Anil Kapoor

He is considered an actor of our age yet he started acting way way back even before I was born. Guess my age viewers, might be your only chance. It is also believed that he invented versatility. His versatility is acclaimed around the world and for the same reason, he has also appeared in movies like Mission Impossible. Mr Lakhan did not have to do many 1 2 ka 4 to be on this list. 

17. Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher is someone whom I see and feel like he has always been in the film industry. He has been nominated for awards in more than one genre multiple times. He has also been nominated for awards for his roles in Hollywood movie such as Silver linings Playbook. We can’t make a list of the greatest actors of Bollywood and not include him. 

16. Boman Irani

Boman Irani is somebody who has kept proving himself time after time and has always has been underrated still. In his first commercial success, he bagged the award for the Best Comic role for the film Munnabhai MBBS. Boman Irani came from the theatres and that was the reason he started late as an actor. Oh, what he could have given to the cinema if only he had started early. 

15. Paresh Rawal

Theatrics produce real actors, they say. Well, they stand corrected. There is a story that says that there was a play that he was acting in with Naseeruddin Shah. There is an intense scene going on in the drama and a child starts crying in the audience. Paresh Rawal stops acting and stops the intense discussion and asks the lady with the child to move out of the theatre and then he just resumes the acting again. Such is his control over acting. 

14. Rishi Kapoor

Time is inevitable and it takes us all one day but he took this legend way too soon. Before his untimely demise, Rishi Kapoor made a huge impact on Bollywood. He basically introduced romance in Bollywood. His first movie, Bobby, was a huge success and everybody in India went crazy for him. He was a teenage heartthrob in his golden days but that did not stop him from exploring other aspects of acting. He had exceptional acting in Agneepath, Kapoor and Sons and Do Doni Chaar. He also bagged awards for the latter 2 films. He was a legend indeed, may his soul rest in peace. 

13. Kamal Hassan

The word multitalented to was invented a long time ago but he gave this word a meaning. Kamal Hassan has played a woman and a man in the same film in the movie Chachi 420. Well, is there anything else that I need to say? He started winning awards when he was 6 years old. He is often hailed as one of the most talented actors to ever walk the soils of Bollywood. 

12. Amrish Puri

Amrish Puri redefined consistency in his own terms. He was versatile, he was consistent but most of all, he was a natural talent. He gave his all when he acted and acted with the same consistency whether it be as Mogambo or a righteous father in Gadar, he always gives his all. But the villainous roles in the Bollywood are the ones that made him a legend. He has acted in over 450 films throughout his career. Oh dear lord!

11. Irrfan Khan

He is another legend who was taken away from us too soon. He has done anything but cliche movies of Bollywood. Irrfan Khan starred in multiple Hollywood movies such as The Amazing Spiderman, Jurassic World, Life Of Pi, and Inferno. Irrfan Khan was even hailed by the legendary Hollywood veteran actor, Tom Hanks. He said that Irrfan Khan to be someone who has an enchanting figure on and off the screen. 

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